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Based on 7 years of research and real field experience consulting FORTUNE 1000 customers, this system is now available for the IT sales professional.  More than 800 customer presentations and dialogs have gone into the development of the system.

Selling Information Technology has changed in the last two decades.  Whereas product centric selling was adequate in the mid 80's and early 90's, today's sophisticated IT decision makers require a new and fresh approach.  Gone are the days where the product would sell itself.

Today product portfolios are under such severe competitive pressure that any product feature differentiators are eroded within 3-6 months.  DLS re-frames the customer conversation giving you a new powerful selling approach. Start today and get the results you need to be top producer.

Customers Rave

Selling more with Data Led Selling techniques

IT sales professionals at all levels are getting results with DLS. New sales conversations uncover more opportunities than ever before. Pipeline management becomes easier and fear of being able to meet quota is virtually eliminated.

Applying the DLS techniques, you find yourself on your customer's team as the trusted friend and advisor.

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Get a crash course in the concepts of DLS. Watch as Jeff Lampe, Director of Marketing for Arrow/MOCA asks the tough questions.  In four videos we cover some of the key concepts of Data Led Selling. 

As you watch these videos, you'll find yourself discovering how powerful the  principles are and how straight forward they are to implement.

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Denis Vilfort presenting to Sun customers

Proven Silicon Valley tech sales system that may help you to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Find More Opportunity
  • Create Customer Rapport
  • Galvanize the Sales Team
  • Develop a Solid Pipeline

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