Mark Levy

Mark LevyMark Levy is a manager and sales professional. Mark started his IT sales career working for DEC in the early 90ties and quickly became one of his regions top producer. Since then Mark moved to Sun where he has held several marketing management positions with focus on sales skills and product positioning.

An avid strategic thinker, Mark enjoys finding new and exciting techniques to increase sales productivity.  As Mark puts it: "I wish I had the Data Led Selling System when I first started in sales!"

Denis Vilfort

Denis VilfortDenis Vilfort is a professional speaker and  technology evangelist. Denis immigrated from Denmark to the United States in 1987.  He has more than 20 years of Silicon Valley experience working closely with Fortune 1000 top executives and high performance sales people.  He is wildly passionate about on cutting edge technologies, winning attitudes and leadership techniques.

A popular speaker and instructor Denis saw a gap in Sales Training for IT sales professionals: The product knowledge was there, the relationships were there, people knew how to sell, - they just did not have a good strategy for maximizing the revenue potential of the sales call. 

As a response to this Denis created the Data Led Selling methodology.

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Denis Vilfort presenting to Sun customers

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