Mastering the Complex Sale

Jeff Thull

Jeff Thull wrote his breakthrough classic "Mastering the Complex Sale" in 2003.  Since then, this book has become a popular reference for many sales professionals in the IT field. Based on Mr. Thull's research of top producers, this book shows us why product centric selling is the least effective sales model today. 

A good resource for practitioners of Data Led Selling, the book covers how to optimize sales and marketing strategies as well as tactical execution. With this approach you and your account team can now deploy engagement strategies that resonate and connect with customers at the highest levels of decision making and power.

Mr. Thull's research reflected in his three books, help us manage the IT customer's complex buying decisions. 

IT Customers are drowning in complexity and Mr. Thull maps out a solid approach to turn this into our advantage and win more sales.

No Strategy...

If you are in sales management and responsible for a team and its results, then this book is for you. Rick Page has been there!

All too often the sales teams are managing pipe-line by wishful thinking, - hoping and praying. Mr. Page helped start the Complex Sales movement and his methods have been implemented by many high tech companies with great success.

If you ever wanted or needed a solid step-by-step strategy for your team this is the book to get. Hope is not a strategy - consitent execution is.

Incumbent Fired!

This powerful book shows how to discredit your competition (in a professional manner).  It blows away old beliefs about selling.

Simple, and real: You are not just selling to your customer. You are also selling against the current provider. - And we first must block their advancement.

When we ignore the incumbent as part of the sales process, our good business ideas may end up giving your competition further amunition to to cement thier relationship with the customer.

Inner Circle Tip

There is nothing that ruins spontaneity and the rhythm of the presentation as when the speaker  runs back and forth to his laptop to advance slides.

Denis Vilfort presenting to Sun customers

Look professional with  a RF presenter's mouse.

  • Liberate Yourself from Your Laptop
  • Advance Slides at the Very Moment You Make an Important Point
  • Control Your Slides from Up to 100ft Away
  • Never Again Have to Say: "Next Slide, Please!"

Have you ever seen someone   trying to present using a combined mouse/remote?

During a presentation, the poor soul tries to advance to the next slide, - then mistakenly hit the wrong button.

Woops! Now slide mode is turned off and the presenter has to has one of the technical people for help...! Very frustrating and distracting - not to mention making the presenter look un-professional.

Don't let that happen to you - take control with the RF presenter's mouse!

The SP400 at great distances too - even through walls.  Imagine your entrance: running from the back of the room - already presenting and advancing slides!

Of course there is also a built-in laser pointer to help your audience focus on key points of your presentation.

All we end up doing is providing a lot of free consulting. Using the techniques in this book let's you block the competition and protect your proposal

This book has been the Bible for Worldwide sales training at Oracle's Complex Sale staff and the powerful methodology covered here continues to contribute significantly to the bottom line!